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Commentary & Testimonials

"Huaytapallana is the most beautiful place I have ever been. It is the perfect Peruvian experience; full of llamas, chinchillas, and other unique creatures, the path is breathtaking and diverse the whole way through."

Tino kept a great pace that was easy to follow. Though I do not have much experience trekking, I felt like I could do it, despite the challenging landscape. Every single turn of the path left me in wonder and awe at the pristine beauty of the landscape. Steep cliffs and rocky expanses dominate the trail, while the mountains tower over you from every angle. Huaytapallana is unlike anything I've ever seen. Every direction you look is a new majestic mountain that leaves you in wonder. Tino even gives you a chance to partake in the legacy of the Incas with a traditional offering to the mountain before you begin the ascent. I dream of the day I can go back and do it again.

Rebecca Rogers, USA

"I did the Huaytapallana trek with Tino and Mari and it was definitely one of my favourite treks throughout my time travelling around South America."

The scenery and trek is beautiful and breathtaking, but in addition Tino and Mari are the most wonderful guides one could ask for. They share a warmth and energy, and give beautiful insights into Andean tradition.

Michael Gilbert, UK

"I came to Huancayo and to stay with Tino to learn to weave. When I was planning my 6 month trip, I knew that I wanted to visit Peru and that I was interested in learning a new craft, especially weaving."

I found Tino and AndiAmerica on the internet, got in touch and a few months later found myself here, weaving rugs and being made to feel so very welcome by Tino and his family. Tino and Mari are fantastic teachers. On my first day here, Mari took me to a wool shop in Huancayo where we bought Alpaca yarns. Tino then started me off on the loom, showed me the basic techniques and set me off to start my first rug. Both Tino and Mari would sit patiently with me, helping me with different patterns, guiding me with ideas and chatting about life in Huancayo. I even made a second, colorful rug. Their kindness and enthusiasm for weaving and painting are infectious and I would heartily recommend that anyone wanting to learn to weave, to volunteer at the school and to see a unique part of Peru, to come to visit and experience what I have. During my time with Tino and his family, we also went on a couple of excursions. One to the hills and villages around Huancayo where we visited silver and weaving artisans shops, ancient ruins, Conception and a local traditional restaurant. It was brilliant to visit these places and see some of the Peruvian countryside. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to be part of their family this week. I wish you every success for your future with AndiAmerica, Tinkuy Peru, the Mountain school and future ventures in Huancayo and Cusco. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Loads of love.

Em x Emily Munn

"Learning how to weave from someone as experienced as Tino was an event in my life that I will never Forget. I definitely encourage every person in this world to try weaving."

Kalea Elise

"Hall Learning from Tino was amazing. Not only is he a great weaver, he is a fantastic teacher."

Kyle Schumacher

"Tino has the amazing ability to make the least artistic person, like me, fell like an artist for once."

Kevin Britt

"Learning to weave from Tino was such a privilege for me. I learned a craft from a World-renowned weaver! It was a fantastic experience!"

Allie Gray

"J’ai tissé cette grande “manta” dans l’atelier de Tino, qui a souvent bien su me conseiller."

Tisser cette couverture m’a pris environ 2 semaines, mais à un rythme peu élevé…10 heures de travail ont suffi ! Maintenant reste à déterminer si elle servira de nappe, de couette, ou simplement de décoration murale… A votre tour ahora, tout le monde peut en faire autant ! Encore mille mercis a Tino.

Thomas Blettery.

"Weaving Program In one week, I was able to make a medium sized blanket, with Tino and Marie's patient instruction and help."

Though my project was very simple, I really enjoyed working on it while other looms were occupied with incredible illustrative tapestries. Learning weaving has given me a new appreciation for many of the colorful tapestries, blankets, and fabrics that I have seen throughout my visit to Peru.

Meredith MacDonald, USA.

"Although there is no fluorescent pink in my blanket, the bright colors will always remind me of the colorful people I have met."

Tino and Marie are most patient instructors and weaving is a new art form I never thought I'd learn! The work that goes into one blanket is astounding and I only wish I had more time to weave more! ¡Muchas Gracias!

Daniella Rubeling, Canada.

While this blanket may not be very Peruvian, it's very me! I really enjoyed learning to weave. It wasn't something I ever thought I would be interested in, or that I could do! Making this blanket was a journey in itself, and it's going to be a great travel companion on the rest of my own journey. ¡Muchas Gracias, Tino y Marie!

Sara Sandwith, Canada.