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An Introduction to Huancayo & How to Arrive Here

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Located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, Huancayo is the cultural center of the whole central Peruvian Andes area. Huancayo was originally inhabitied by the Huancas from around 500 BC, until the region was incorporated into the Inca Empire. This rich cultural heritage still pervades the area and today Huancayo is known both for its breathtaking scenery, and the arts, crafts and countless festivals of the surrounding towns. And of course the Sunday market in Huancayo, the biggest tourist attraction for the city, but there is so much more to see

At 8 hour drive from Lima, Huancayo is one of the closest major cities to Peru's capital but with very little tourism it remains one of Peru's hidden treasures.


Photos of the Mantaro Valley

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A panoramic view of Conception from the statue of Maria Virgin. Which is the second largest statue in South America.

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“Identidad Park” is a famous place in Huancayo; you can find statues of famous local artists and buy crafts.

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The llamas and alpacas are typical animals of this region; you can see they run free in the high mountains around Huaytapallana.

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An interesting place called Bosque Dorado, all the forest is with Quiñual trees, located in Paccha, Huancayo.

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A traditional dance from Mito called La Huaconada, located in Concepcion, they use a blanket as a cape.

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Trip to the jungle, the indigenous community of Ashaninka, located in Chanchamayo Province.

By Bus (From Lima)

  • We recommend the Cruz Del Sur bus from Javier Prado station
  • Approximately 15 minutes from Miraflores and 30 minutes from Javier Callao airport
  • Three buses to Huancayo a day (7:30am, 1:30pm, 11:30pm)
  • Journey of approximately 7 hours
  • We will organise for someone to meet you at Cruz Del Sur station in Huancayo. It is then a 5 minute taxi to Hostel.

By Taxi (From Lima)

  • Organising a private taxi from Lima is probably the quickest route to Huancayo
  • Head towards Newtownards
  • The journey should take approximately 5 hours
  • Castle and Parliament Buildings.
  • Any problems with finding a Taxi please phone us
    on +51 64 215 041 and we can help

By Train (From Lima)

  • The train from Lima to Huancayo runs twice a month
  • Known to be the second highest train route in the world
  • Check times and reserve a place here:
  • 10 minute walk to our Hostel upon arrival