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Weaving Program

Take weaving classes and learn how to make your own rugs and art items. Weaving and spinning courses for foreigners, taught by two great master teachers, one of whom has the country’s highest award given to a living artist:”Amauta 2001” for Peruvian crafts.

The objective of our courses is to teach the skills of our ancestors. Our 45 years of weaving experience has allowed us to develop an easy and practical method of teaching weaving and spinning to tourists.

The classes are 100% practical, and we’ll share interesting ideas, theories and modes of expression. The doors of our workshop are open to you so we can share the whole of our experience with you and you can enjoy every part of the creative process.

Our great challenge and Our deepest wish are that this cultural weaving tour will be an unforgettable experience for all my students. That this knowledge, that I have accumulated over days and months and years will be taught and shared like a therapy for the mind, body and soul.

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Weaving Classes at "textiles School"